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Pro AV

Professional Audiovisual

Supply Chain

Cross-Border e-commerce

Telecom - ISPs

GPON, DWDM, Switches

Health Tech

Biomotor - Portable Clinic


SBW Radio, Podcast, Production

The Sky's The Limit

We Offer Consulting Services That Will Help Your Business Grow

Double Trading helps clients  make significant improvements in their performance, and determine their most important goals aligned with one of the following needs:

  • Supply Chain, specifically with Brazilian Customs
  • Cross-Border e-Commerce, Drop Shipping to Brazil
  • Internationalization in the USA Markets
  • Professional Audiovisual Projects
  • Telecom Infrastructure for ISPs
  • Broadcast, audio, and video production

Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

We Create Unique Strategies to Your Audiovisual Project

Double Trading helps you in your “Professional Audiovisual” systems into any of the following markets providing AV technology to the actual applications needed, such as presentations, streaming, conferencing (web, audio, video, and data), education, advertising, retail signage, dynamic displays, command-and-control systems, concerts, and public information systems:

  • House of Worship
  • Transportation
  • Schools and Universities
  • Government
  • Business
  • Sports Arena
  • Entertainment 

Miami Foreign Trade Zone Warehousing

To overseas manufacturers and distributors:

  • Hold your e-commerce inventory in Miami; no tax when targeting LATAM markets.
  • Pay taxes only when you sell to USA.
  • Promote your products in the Brazilian Marketplace.
  • Unlock your opportunity to grow your business in the biggest market in Latin American.
  • Internationalization of your business in USA markets 

Brazilian ISPs

The Best Business Solution

We offer GPON, CPE Routers, MESH Devices and DWDM Solution, providing the following:

  • Lower Costs for Imported Goods Acquisition due to our supply chain expertise;
  • End to End support for Brazilian Import Process (Customer RADAR Acquisition);
  • Financial Expertise helping ISPs to get better Cash Flow with Payment Terms (approval may apply);
  • Technical, commercial, and strategic consulting services. 
  • White-Label VoIP Cloud Telephony platform for ISP
  •  Broadcast (Web Radio) automation and implementation advisement.

Home Clinic Based on IoT Controlled by your doctor

BioMonitor combines vital signs, cutting edge diagnostic devices, laboratory and telemedicine with the power of cloud analysis and reports to create a new level of accessible examination. A clinic without walls.

  • Cardiac Function: arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, ECG (electrocardiogram).
  • Lung function: respiratory rate.
  • Vital Signs: blood pressure, hypertension, temperature.
  • Laboratory tests: glucose (diabetes) and urine test (soon).

Gospel Music For All

We promote Gospel Artists Worldwide

Propagate the Word Of God through music is our target. We help artists grow their visibility by generating more downloads from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and others.

  • We produce music and videos, including remixes.
  • Learn all the steps on how to build your web radio station. 

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Your needs

We discover your dreams, and work hard to have them comes true, matching your targets with your budget fit.

Global Enterprise

We provide the entire logistics process-- serving consultation every step of the way-- starting with the P.O, until delivery of the goods to the destination.

Customs Regulation

Every country has its own regulation. We deal with “high performance” on the complex customs procedures in the US, Brazil.


ROI improvement. Member of AVIXA (Audio Visual and Interactive Experience Association), which drives the proAV industry standards.

Supply Chain

Develop and optimize the supply chain strategies resulting in a cost reduction.


Promote gospel artists through the most important digital music platforms via SBW Radio. Audio and Video production.

Our Work Inspires Smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success

Rita Brandao


Sergio Brandao Filho

CEO - Consultant

Silvio Roberto

Telecom ISP BDM

Cesar Margarida

BioMedical Engineer

Rene Silva

LATAN Sales Director

Andy Zhang

Production Director (China)

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