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House of Worship

Our target is to elevate the quality of the Word Of God's service.

LED panels

We design your LED panel, with P2.5, Die casting cabinet, Novastar controller, installation, with 5 years warranty. Low cost acquisition directly from manufacture.

Live Streaming

Offering the right camera and platform according with your budget. PTZ, NDI Cameras, Livestream Studio, OBS, vMix, and others. We get the best option for your case.


Many instruments, microphones, PA and monitor speakers, acoustic, and other details are sometimes complex to extract the maximum quality possible. We can help you.

Mevo Start


Your All-In-One Live Streaming Camera

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Create compelling content with 3 Wi-Fi live streaming cameras.

All-in-one wireless camera with app controlled live editing.

Multicam App


Litemax is a global leader in industrial-grade LCD display and Industrial Computing, providing premium, high-quality solutions for various applications in our surroundings. Retailers, militaries, businesses, government agencies, industrial facilities, marine enterprises, medical institutions and public transportation sectors all depend on Litemax’s engineering excellence and patented manufacturing expertise.


Transportation Panel PCs

LITEMAX© Transportation Panel PC Solutions are a cost-effective and flexible way to integrate LCD displays and fanless box PCs to meet customers' needs. The bundle solution comprises all necessary components - an open/closed frame monitor and a powerful ultra-slim fanless box PC, integration brackets and required software support.

AIoT Solution

By combining our high brightness display and embedded computing solutions with new Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) technology, Litemax will continue to be your best partner for various industries long into the future. Our range of high performing integrated solutions warrants us to accommodate various customer needs.

Industrial Computing

3.5" SBC with Intel® 8th Gen Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® Processor, DP(HDMI)/ LVDS(eDP), SATA III, 4 COM, 6 USB, Dual Intel® GbE LAN.

Industrial Computing

Narrow Bezel Series Displays. Modular Panel PC 21.5" Display can mix and match with Box PC, 21" LCD , 1920 x 1080 pixel, 10 points P-CAP touch screen, Front IP65, True Flat Design, Fanless design.

Industrial Computing - Rugged Panel PCs

Litemax's panel PCs are like no others. Each comes with the industry's best high brightness LCD display, in addition to the versatile, powerful box PCs. From marine to industrial, medical to defense, you get the best of the both worlds. Litemax's panel PCs are also designed as modules that can be freely paired with any RuggCore of your choice. Mix and match all you want.

Industrial Display - Spanpixel™ - Resizing LCDs

To resize a LCD is literally to cut the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size. Years ago, it was thought impossible to preserve the original performance of a previously manufactured LCD once the glass circuits are cut. However, Litemax has done the impossible, over and over again, becoming the world's leading pioneer and leader in LCD resizing solutions.

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