About Us

A place to breathe.

Double Trading, Inc. was established in 1999 in Miami, FL, USA, as a trading company focused on the Latin American markets for IT, computers, and electronic products. After closing an agreement with Pioneer International Latin America S.A. (PILASA) in 2001 to develop the business for computer DVD Video Recorders and professional Plasma Display Panels in Brazil, Double Trading got involved with the importation and distribution of electronic products for the local market. Since then, Double Trading increased the line of products, by adding other leading manufacturers in the audiovisual industry, including: NEC Displays, Orion PDP, Aurora Multimedia, DFI Tech, X2O Media, Premier Mounts, Matrox, Telit, Scala, Litemax, RingByname, and iQuoteXpress to its portfolio. Started in 2018 to design products and manufacture in China by Difference Industrial Production.

When it comes to logistics, Double Trading is a very powerful tool by acting as an exporter for shipments out of any country of the world going to Brazil or as a consignee for shipments coming to USA. Due to Brazilian customs being complex, Double Trading specializes by providing the right set of export documentation in order to avoid any delay and extra costs incurred during customs release process. We are proud to partnering with WTDC/GNH Logistics do Brasil. In addition to their global logistics operation, they are specialized with IT, Telecom and Retail segments in the US / Brazil trade lane, targeting distribution and logistics projects. 

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