Cloud-Based IoT Subscription Service
IoT Platform and Connectivity Management

The Telit IoT Portal is our cloud-based IoT subscription service, powered by deviceWISE IoT Platform. The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features a low cost pay-as-you-go service plan and lets you get started without any upfront investment.

Our do-it-yourself cloud service gives you instant access to all the necessary tools and resources for all your Telit Services and lets you create and manage your own IoT solutions from a single, intuitive web interface.

  • No upfront investment required
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Flexible data hosting and storage models
  • Built-in help and developer resources

Connect, Manage & Integrate Your Entire IoT Deployment

Going from one service provider portal to another and another to accomplish daily management tasks for your IoT deployment is not only poor use of time, it is a process prone to errors and ultimately not scalable. The Telit IoT Portal is a single-sourced solution of end-to-end platform services conceived to help you launch and run your complex multi-point IoT deployment. Engineered for “unified-streamlined-simplicity”, the IoT Portal provides you with a command & control hub from where you can seamlessly connect and integrate your “things” with your “apps”. 

Powered by the acclaimed deviceWISE IoT platform, the IoT Portal allows you to connect, integrate and manage with visibility, control, inter-operability and intelligent insight across your global IoT value-chain. Unlike comparable services, the IoT Portal is a single-vendor, single-portal management solution. Advanced services, resources and tools enable the application, administration & security, data management, device management, connectivity management and connectivity data plans.


You want to streamline the operation of your devices in three important areas: device, connectivity and data. To help you do that, the Telit IoT Portal includes functionality in all three areas. The connectivity management facility includes the industry’s most advanced connected device platform (CDP). It allows the aggregation of several CDPs from Telit IoT Connectivity, other MNOs or MVNOs. Our web-based account management tools provide in-depth view and control. Provisioning features seamlessly integrate with mobile network operator and connected device platforms to provide lifecycle administration, real-time diagnostics and utilization control. The IoT Portal’s connectivity management functionality is also useful in preventing data overage and helping you easily manage data costs. Simplify connectivity management with powerful services:

  • Connected Device Platform: Provides you with the visibility, control and flexibility to design and manage your globally connected device profiles
  • CDP Aggregation & Management (CDP of CDPs): Allow several CDP instances from multiple MNOs and MVNOs to be unified within a single user interface
  • Aware: Manage the risk by setting custom alerts and accessing management tools that monitor behavior patterns and trends in demand
  • Intelligence: Measure business performance and analyze your IoT deployment to determine how best to remain profitable

With the CDP of CDPs, the connectivity management facility is agnostic to the network operator (MNO or MVNO) used. When used with Telit IoT Connectivity, the IoT portal can leverage the power the integration with the Telit IoT Module providing additional capabilities that can be used to create new services and revenue streams. Bring your own connectivity data plans and still reap all the benefits from the IoT Portal.


Seamlessly manage a single remote device or many, over-the-air. The Telit IoT Portal enables you to configure provision and update your devices ad-hoc or using custom schedules. The tagging feature helps you easily create campaign-groups based on a device’s organization, location, type or other parameters.


Thing integration: We offer many ways to ‘on-ramp’ your “things” to the Cloud:

  • Our industry-standard TR50 MQTT APIs provide unrestricted data streaming, collection and integration. Or create your own APIs using our pre-packaged C and JAVA client library.
  • All our Cloud-Ready modules have AT commands built-in enabling you with the easiest way to connect your remote devices to the Cloud.
  • The Asset Gateway Agent is installed on all partner gateway devices offering connectivity and edge-intelligence to things that aren’t yet IoT ready or need an industrial-grade solution.
  • The Proxy Gateway is the final integration technology that allows you to easily on-ramp your legacy devices that do not support the deviceWISE Agent.

The Telit IoT Portal offers petabytes of scalable data storage with built-in redundancy and data back-up. The multitenant structure also provides full separation between Cloud organizations to ensure complete privacy and security.

Administration and Security

Telit IoT Portal brings together the rich management functions you need with unmatched security all within your easy-to-use web-based portal. Simplify your IoT administration and protect your deployment from any threat, internal or external, with powerful Telit IoT Portal features, including:

  • Encryption: Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your intellectual property with advanced data encryption technology
  • Secure Networking: Transfer your data over highly secure SSL and TLS communication frameworks
  • Session Management: Control how and when your staff login with smart-session ID and expiration timeout management
  • Permissions: Manage who is able to access which resource with role-based permissions for all your different user types
  • Authentication: Make sure the right users are accessing the right resources with real -time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Auditing: Comprehensive auditing, monitoring and reporting
  • Validation: Leverage our powerful built-in data validation frameworks

Application Integration

Telit IoT Portal lets you to quickly and easily integrate data from any number of devices with your Cloud applications. Combining multiple streams of IoT data enables you to populate your dashboards with real-time information and transfer actionable-intelligence to your web-based and mobile apps.

IoT Portal also allows you to send device data to your back-office databases and analytics systems so that you can gain insights and discover new knowledge about your operations.

  • Dashboarding: Customizable dashboards enabled by a builtin graphical and visualization tool set that can be used to provide valuable insights of important device information from the platform.
  • Application Integration: Stream your Cloud data to your custom dashboards, web-based or mobile apps, quickly and easily using our TR50 MQTT or HTTP APIs.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Integration: Integrate your data between Clouds, including Google Cloud Platform, SAP HANA, or any other private Cloud
  • Enterprise IT Integration: Seamlessly channel your device data to any existing manufacturing, resource planning or database systems using our Enterprise Gateway technology

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